Company History

Our presses began running as Business Printers, a print shop that started in a Pasadena, California warehouse in the early 20th century. Business printers provided local businesses with access to typesetting and letterpress work to help them connect with their customers and communicate their products and services.

By mid-century, Safeco Insurance had become a major customer for Business Printers, and the company bought Business Printers to create an in-plant printing operation, moving the business to the San Fernando Valley. After running the in-plant operation for years, California native Art Worthington bought the operation from Safeco and founded what is now West Coast Digital Printing.

Family owned and operated for over 25 years, West Coast Digital has grown to seamlessly integrate traditional, offset, and digital printing under one roof. West Coast Digital has cultivated a unique line of presses that offer printing solutions that range from small, intricate, and customized jobs for the individual to high volume runs of professional brochures, flyers, and marketing materials for small to large businesses.