Other Services

While traditional and digital printing are at the forefront of our services, West Coast Digital also focuses on offering an array of supportive products and services so we can accomplish more for you as a client, and you can get back to running your business.

Digital Reproduction

We can scan your print or film to a digital copy, as well as have your analog video transferred from a cassette or other medium to a digital file so that you can incorporate valuable but inaccessible content into your business.

Shipping & Fulfillment

If you have a project that requires hands-on assembly but you don't have the space and resources to finish your project in-house, we can help you make it happen. If your printing project involves shipping the finished product out to hundreds or even thousands of customers, we can help you save a step and process the shipping directly from our print shop.

Posters & Banners

West Coast Digital has the capabilities to print single posters and banners for your personal or business needs, as well as the facilities to do volume printing of large format graphics and artwork. If you need to have your posters mounted on a backer to create or augment a point-of-sale display, we can do that, too. Banners let you spread a message at a moment's notice, whether it's a new store opening, a major sale, a farmer's market stand, or other application, we can print your banners, too.